Cats Protection opens new Finchley branch


The new Cats Protection shop in Finchley

The shop has struggled for takings in the first few weeks.

A new charity shop in Finchley Central is hoping to raise money to help cats and kittens that have been taken into care.

The new branch of Cats Protection was opened last month, with the shop aiming to help protect cats in Mill Hill, Finchley and Hendon.

Despite being situated in the middle of a busy High Street, the shop has struggled a little for trade so far, but the manager is hoping that its prime location will eventually prove to be of benefit.

Manager Sally McInnes said: “In terms of how much we’ve taken, it’s about £2,000. We’ve obviously only just opened so we’re just finding our feet.

“It is quite a unique shop as they’re very far and few between, Cats Protection. A few doors down you’ve got Cancer Research and they’ve got about 645 shops. This is our 70th shop that we’ve opened and it is unique because it’s specifically designed to raise money for cats and rehoming. Most of our items are donated by people bringing goods to the shop.”

The shop received considerable trade on the opening day, with large amounts of clothes, china and bric-a-brac being sold, but takings have dipped a little since and they are actively seeking new volunteers. The money received from donations and purchases is used to pay for the veterinary bills, food and other costs associated with looking after cats.

The charity also offers advice to local people on any problems they have with their cats as well as providing financial assistance.

There are plans to open further Cats Protection shops in London in the near future, but the locations of the new stores are yet to be decided.


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