Do it yourself

DIY has become a buzzword among students and young professionals living on a budget. Building your own furniture or fixing your own bike not only can be fun, but is also a good way to spare a few pennies.

Living in London is expensive enough already, so the more you can do to help yourself the better. From this month on, Blackhorse Workshop offers a new kind of public workspace for making, mending and learning in the manufacturing heart of Lea Valley, in Walthamstow.

Creative Director Harriet Warden said about the project: “In the technologically driven world in which we live it’s easy to forget the value in practical skills. Often it’s a case that you can’t find what you’re looking for in the marketplace and the only option is a custom made solution. We hope [the workshop] will encourage people to rediscover these lost skills, whether as creative hobbies or for money-saving home improvements.

Make, learn and save money

In a time when living in the capital has become a challenge for many, Blackhorse Workshop is helping their members develop their DIY skills, providing technical support and access to tools and materials as well as storage space.

Members can choose among a wide range of memberships, depending on their project and level of expertise. Blackhorse Workshop’s highly skilled technicians will be there to assist you with the machinery available and advise you on your work – one-to-one sessions can also be booked at an hourly rate.

Whether you simply want to fix a broken chair or work on a more complex project, drop in the Blackhorse Workshop for a day (or more) of productivity and fun – membership rates start from £18.


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