Van Gogh’s sunflowers reunited in London

London is at last getting the chance to witness the reunion of two of van Gogh‘s most iconic canvases, displayed together at the National Gallery for the first time after 65 years.

The two paintings on show, one property of the National Gallery, the other borrowed from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, are two of the five versions of Sunflowers that are now spread around the globe – the others being in Munich, Philadelphia and Tokyo.

National Gallery’s press officer Katie Carder said: “This is a unique and probably never again to be repeated opportunity for visitors to see the Sunflowers painting from The National Gallery hanging alongside the version from the Van Gogh Museum. These iconic paintings are capturing the imagination and enthusiasm of visitors to the National Gallery.”

Live cheap, live cultured

Having time to spare in London is a luxury not everyone can afford. It is a well-known fact that going out in the city, even just for a coffee, can make your wallet cry a little bit. According to a recent survey, the average price of the much-loved caffeinated drink is nearly £2.90, which makes it 60 per cent more expensive than a coffee in Rome.

On the flip side, London offers plenty of free museums for you to fill your days off. Even some of those that normally charge for admission have a set day when they open their doors for free, usually at the beginning or end of the month. The National Gallery houses some of the greatest artwork of all time which visitors can enjoy completely free of charge.

Vincent van Gogh’s legendary artwork will be on show for three months from January 25th  – you might have to queue for a little while but you won’t need to cough up a dime.


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